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Originate: Big tree originates in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Character: Corewood red, sapwood light red; glossy; cheap and high adaptability.
1) Dimensions:
    a) 910/760/610/455 x 125/120/95/92/90 x 18mm
    b) 900/750/600/450 x 125/120/95/92/90 x 18mm 
2) Special lengths available are 1200mm or 1800m
3) Flooring trade name: kempas (koompassia spp.)   
4) Other names: kayu, magggis, tualang
5) Grows in: Malaysia, Indonesia
6) Characteristics: 
    a) Air-dry density: 0.76 - 0.93g/cm3
    b) Rough and heavy structure and hard woodiness
    c) High strength
    d) Good anti-shocking performance
    e) Pink or garnet
    f) Medium corrosion resistance
    g) Strong tensile performance after being dried
    h) Interlaced grain, difficult to process
    i) Suitable for making furniture, flooring, house girders and crossties

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