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    MCM can provide you with a high defficiency hydro-massage coming from the sixteen-group symmetrical computerized jets. It has the function of making your fresh and beautiful, as well as making you feel more relaxed and comfort.

    Each MCM shower system includes a fully programmable digital control panel as a standard feature. Sophisticated electronics and a digital display system make it easy for the bather of control the showering and bathing environment by simply selecting the desired feature.

    When taking a bath, the beautiful music the channel you choose will bring you to any imaginably wonderful world.

    Sitting on the specially designed bath seat you will fell the gentle touch from the waterfall-like water flow, which will reduce the pressure on your vertebras, and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

    Multi-functional diverter with  fixed water temperature; hand-held shower head can be regulated up and down until the desired position; All these will bring you with a complete and thorough enjoyment.

    MCM has established a remarkable bathing culture. You can choose different medical bath according to your desire, medical steaming bath will give your confidence to face new challenges every day.

    The steam generator  contains a protective system for fusing and tacking of water, which guarantee the safety of the facility.

    Time is money, and information is wealth, Our hand free telephone in the bathroom helps you to catch every possible trade opportunity even when you are in the bathroom.

    Maintaining a 12V low voltage  control supply power, Which is absolutely safety for your body.


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