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  Cordless Mouse
( 2.4G Cordless Media Desktop Laser )
1.2.4G Hz Free moving in 10 meters
2.Resolution frequency (800dpi 鈥?,600dpi) conversion through the resolution frequency conversion button
3.Aluminum wiry panel
4.Thin and simple
5. The 12shortcut keys at both sides of the keyboard, including Internet, Multimedia, System, etc., ensure swifter operation,
6.Sound knob control

1.Wireless carrier frequency: 2,402MHz-2,480 MHz
2.16 wireless working channels, automatic frequency jumping
3.Operation angle: 10m 360
4.Mouse working Power:1.5V  6mA
5.Keyboard working Power:3V  6mA

  Cordless Keyboard
  Wireless Router
  Infrared Alarm
Model: CD-K1
Model: CD-K2
Model: CD-K3
Model: CD-K4
Model: CD-K5