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We always concentrate on product quality. From picking of materials through final processing, our QC personnel work side-by side with our technicians. With the standards of quality that are established by our research team, with years of experience and in-house state-of-the art equipment, our products have gained very good reputation among our clients from all over the world.

Our quality assurance starts from the receiving of raw materials and accessory materials. All materials are uniquely coded before receiving in the warehouse, and they are carefully registered in inspection requisition form. The QA inspectors will commit a strict sampling process and examine the samples as per standard. Only those materials which have passed the QA inspection, can enter the warehouse. All materials in the warehouse are then used for production on a first-in-first-out basis.

With years of product experience, we have established a perfect process regulation, technical safety operation guidance and standard operation process regulations. All batches of products are processed exactly as per required by the established regulations, and each and every processing technique is all under strict inspections of the QA department. All the semi-products are examined carefully according to the quality standard, and only those passed the quality examination can then be transferred to the next process step. Only the products that have passed all QA inspections through the production process can be packed as final products. Furthermore, we have detailed production records, batch records, and on-post operation records.

We have independent quality control department, with abundant quality inspection manpower and specialized quality management team, and a central examination lab. Besides, we also have examination branch lab in the workshop, and the specialized examiner for each production team. Furthermore, we also setup a complete quality standard and inspection regulation, equipped with adequate high-accuracy and high-stabilized modern scientific inspection facilities.
When the products are finally obtained, we conduct rigorous tests on every aspect of our product to ensure its best quality. Under the product specifications developed by our R & D department, our final QC procedure will not push through any product that does not conform with our high quality standard.
Jin Tian Chemical, your trustful partner
When it comes to the quality product, you can always come to us. Let Jin tian Chemical be your trustful supplier and be your faithful partner.


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