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Food-Grade Polyisobutylene

[ Product Specification and Technical Indexes ]

Item Index
SDG-8001 SDG-8002 SDG-8003
Viscosity Average Molecular Weigh 5000-10000 10000-37000 >37000
Penetration Degree (25oC) 140-200mm
Volatile , % ≤ 0.3
Arsenic (Calculated as As),mg/kg ≤ 3
Heavy Metal (Calculated as pb) mg/kg ≤ 20
Lead (Calculated as pb) mg/kg ≤ 3

[ Properties ]

    food-grade polyisobutylene is a colorless, odorless, transparent sticky liquid or semi-solid

[ Use ]

1. Chewing Gum

    Polyisobutylene can be mixed with paraffin and resin for improving the quality of the chewing gum, making chewing gum more soft and stable with good hydrophobicity and excellent membrane performance.

2. Food Grade Adhesive Agent

    Polyisobutylene can be mixed with various adhesive agent, taking the effect of adhesion and modification. As it has hydrophobicity, when mixed with hydrophilic substances, it can low toxic substance absorbance and high temperature stability, and adjust hardness and anti-bacterium performance.

3. Foodstuffs-Packaging Material

    Polyisobutylene can be mixed with various paraffin and resins as the eliminating agent for packing membrane. E.g. , polyisobutylene can promote the low-temperature stability of the products.

4. Food-Grade Thermal Melt Glue

Polyisobutylene has plasticizing performance, applied to thermal plastic rubber(TPR)etc.
We can supply Polyisobutylene with the viscosity average molecular weight of 5000-100000, capable of meeting various use demands of customers.


[ Packaging and Transportation ]

    The internal packaging materials for our product meet the sanitary demands for foods. Cardboard box is adopted for the external package of our products with the packaging specification of 20 kg per box, or according to customers’demands.


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