Grass basket

bamboo productsThis basket is used to carry grass for cattle fodder. (fig.333). The basket may be carried balanced on top of the head or a pair of these may be suspended from a shoulder beam. It is also used for transporting clay pots and other produce to local bazaars. The basket is fairly large and quite strong.

Size and structure

china bamboo productsThis is a shallow basket with a circular base and slightly wider circular rim. The diameter of the rim is 650 mm and it is 300 mm in height. The whole basket is woven in the open-hexagonal weave. The horizontal locking elements of the side weave are strong splits arranged as coaxial rings. The elements forming the inclined sets of the side and the sets of the base weave are formed by pairs of split bamboo, each 12mm wide and 1.5 mm thick. The horizontal element is 15 mm wide and 2.5mm thick. At the rim the inclined elements bend over a thick, strong horizontal band to become the element inclined in the opposite direction. The basket is simple and can be made quite quickly. Where the base meets the side a series of pentagons appear which permit the two-dimensional weave of the base to move into the third dimension in the sides (fig 334).

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