bamboo designCarrying baskets 

The bamboo product is an open-weave carrying basket made (fig.264, 295). This basket is generally used by women as a rough work basket for carrying firewood, bamboo water tubes, etc. The basket, made entirely of bamboo outer splits, is carried over the back with a strap resting on the shoulder. The basket has an extremely strong construction which is very resistant of vertical loads. This is due to the construction pattern as well as the fact that fairly thick strips of bamboo are used.bamboo floors

Size and Structure

The basket has a rectangular base of sides 220 mm by 160 mm, a circular rim of diameter 360 mm and a height of 360 mm. The base is woven in a simple basket weave and unlike other baskets of this type, three sets of elements make up the base weave instead of these being in pairs. Individual elements are 3 mm wide and 1 to 1.5 mm thick. The side weave is an open-hexagonal weave with the horizontal element moving in a spiral (fig.296).bamboo floor

Rim and Other Details

The rim is self-strengthened in a simple and interesting manner, resulting in a strong, flat, but flexible edge with no addition to the thickness of the hexagonal weave (fig. 297). bamboo polesThe strengthening of the sides, done vertically from the corners of he base to the rim, is achieved by a cane split, about 4 mm wide and 2.5 mm thick, which is folded over the rim before the two ends twist around each other and simultaneously weave in and out of the side weave all the way down to the corner of the base. The perimeter of the base rectangle is also strengthened in a similar manner.

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