Bamboo Spoons and Ladle

Bamboo Spoons

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Use spoons of varying sizes shaped from bamboo (fig.733). The sample acquired is a small spoon used for drinking rice beer as well as a porridge-like preparation from a bamboo mug. A bamboo culm of diameter 35 mm is shaped so that one nodal diaphragm is retained (fig.734). A thick split extending from that node is shaped to form the handle and this split is bent slightly away from the axis of the culm for convenient handling. The lower part of the node and diaphragm are shaped by scraping with a broad bladed knife, to create a soft rounded form.

Bamboo Ladlespoon734.gif (6988 字节)

Use an interesting bamboo ladle to lift water stored in their bamboo water tubes (fig.734). It is made in two parts, the container and the handle. The container is a section of a bamboo whole culm with the nodal diaphragm acting as the base. Two holes are provided in opposite walls of the internode to receive the long handle which is made from a thick splint of bamboo. The end of the handle is tapered to fit tightly into the holes, which are aligned so that the handle is inclined to the axis of the container.

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