Smoking Pipes

pipe748.gif (20084 字节)Smoking pipes made from bamboo or cane (fig.748). These pipes are normally made in two parts; the bowl in which tobacco is burnt and the stem attached to the bowl used to draw smoke into the mouth. The bowl is made either from cane or bamboo while the stem is a very thin whole culm; sometimes a length of branch is used.

pipe756.gif (26175 字节)The pipe is a simple construction incorporating a bamboo bowl connected to a bamboo pipe stem made from a length of branch (fig.756). The surfaces of both bowl and stem are decorated with motifs scored on the outer skin by a sharp instrument.

A bamboo cigarette holder has been evolved using similar motifs on the surface. The holder has two parts connected along a common axis. The part that receives the cigarette is larger in diameter than the stem.

pipe757.gif (19765 字节)This is a combination of bamboo, wood, metal and horn.(fig.757). The bowl is made from a part of a bamboo rhizome with the impression of the buds retained on the surface as decoration. The stem is made from wood and born with a metal connection between them. The wooden part is fixed permanently to the bowl while the born element is detachable for cleaning.

Recent versions of this pipe incorporate a ceramic lining on the inner surface of the bowl after the hollow of the bowl has been sufficiently enlarged.

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