Winnowing Trays

Product 1:

fan579.gif (31645 字节)This product is a circular winnowing tray (fig.579). The mat is woven in a five-up-two-down weave, with each consecutive strip being staggered by two strips (fig.580).bz580.gif (14540 字节) Every third strip from one set uses the outer layer of bamboo. The mat is sandwiched between two bamboo rings. The three rings are bound tightly together to hold the mat in place. This bamboo product is very expensive and is made by a number of craftsmen.     

Product 2: 

fan581.gif (21752 字节)This is an oblong winnowing tray with rounded corners (fig.581).It has the same weave as the circular winnowing tray, but the structure on the periphery of the mat is a simple twill with shorter floats. This helps to maintain the slightly rounded corners. The mat is held between two half splits of cane, which are bound together sandwiching the mat between them. This tray is slightly deeper than the circular winnowing tray. ..

Product 3:

fan589.gif (28611 字节)Screen is are sieves used as dry or wet strainers to sift grain or wash vegetables (fig.589). the basic structure of the screen is a mat stretched within a stiff circular rim, very similar to the structure of the circular winnowing tray. The main difference lies in the structure of the mat, which in the case of screen is made with an open weave.

Mat weave

The size of the gaps between the elements determine the function of the screen. Generally, the width of the strips used increases with the width of the gaps required. A square mat is woven from the centre outwards and two pairs of wide bamboo strips, one in each direction, are interlocked in a cyclic pattern. Subsequently, narrower bamboo strips are woven on each side of the first four, in a twill weave. bz585.gif (12189 字节)


bz586.gif (5395 字节)The edges of the mat are woven with wider strips in a closely-packed twill weave. The mat is stretched and sandwiched between two rings of bamboo and the portion which protrudes above the top of the rings are cut off. The rings are tied together with a cane split passing through the mat. This method is used to produce both coarse and very fine sieves.

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