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China LinAn Bamboo Products Company is a leading Supplier of diverse bamboo and wood products for Wholesales, Distributor and Retailers, we manufacture bamboo flooring, hardwood flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring, parquet flooring from china,  Our solid wood flooring products including oak, maple, kempas, merbau,  jatoba,  teak,  keranji,  Iroko,  IPE flooring.

All of the bamboo flooring products manufactured by China LinAn are madefrom the highest quality materials and are of superior quality. The bamboo veneer floor board, which is the top-seller in the Chinese market among similar products, won the Golden Prize awarded by the 1995 China Building and Decorative Materials Fair.

LinAn's bamboo flooring products have been embraced by other Asian countries. Customers in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have all
been satisfied with the superior bamboo products offered by LinAn.


Mao bamboo is grown in the Fujian and Zhejiang provinces of South China.
It is a tall and straight species and is perfect for many different applications. Mao bamboo is best harvested at four or five years of age.

Our bamboo flooring products are made with all-natural, high-quality bamboo processed with modern technology, but retaining the original advantages of bamboo--its water resistance, insect resistance, fire resistance, and its bright, clean, and beautiful appearance.

MAO Bamboo

For centuries bamboo has been known as an excellent building material for both its practicality and beauty. Bamboo is still the perfect choice for modern building and decorative uses.

A house decorated or built with bamboo will greatly add to the beauty, comfort, happiness, and ecological sensibility of your home.

You may rest assured that bamboo products are the best choice for your home.

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